Installation artist, musician and visionary William Close turned Amanyara’s  idyllic pool sala into an Earth Harp.

amanyara anniversary

When Amanyara resort on Providenciales opened in 2006, seasoned travelers and critics alike considered it faultless. But as the past decade has proven, perfection is an ever-evolving state. The innovative luxury resort celebrated its 10-year anniversary in May with a three-day event of intimate cocktail klatches, beachfront dinners and a surprise finale concert by U.K….

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under the sea: the beauty of snorkeling

With Turks and Caicos boasting some of the world’s most dramatic diving spots, snorkeling may not hold quite the same appeal for adventure thrill seekers – unless you’ve forgotten these islands stretch across the third largest barrier reef on earth. The white sand perfection of Providenciales’ Grace Bay beach may appear to lead solely to…

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island ink

ometime last August whilst yachting off the coast of Italy, Beyonce sparked a global sensation with a single Instagram post.  No, it wasn’t her bikini bod that seemingly broke the internet – okay, maybe that helped, but the real frenzy centered around the metallic jewellery inspired motifs adorning her sun kissed skin – flash tattoos!…

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Ruthie on fashion: what’s hot this summer

As we head into summer, I think we all feel like it’s time to get into shape since soon we will be revealing more skin. Logically, one might think that the warmer climate limits our options for apparel and accessories. Au contraire. I find that the “75º outside” editing process is always more difficult and…

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Grace Bay Club's 2016 Chocolate Lovers Showcase winning dish.

crème brûlée meets chocolate truffle

Compared to other kitchen jobs – with the chopping, searing, shouting and constant motion – pastry work can seem almost ethereal, like alchemy sifted with sugar and dreams. It follows that pastry makers might think a bit differently. So it went with this year’s Grace Bay Club entry in the 2016 Chocolate Lovers Showcase Sweet…

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a salt cay way of life

salt cay life

rom the blue shores of the Atlantic through the beachside sluice gates and into the copper colored soul of Salt Cay run the legendary salinas. An artifact not only of the abandoned salt industry that drove the economy of Salt Cay 300 years ago, but also a place of memories for so many men, women…

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Chef Eddwin Gallardo

choco taco: a new twist on a classic

n retrospect, the amazing thing about Edwin Gallardo’s inspiration for his 2016 Chocolate Lovers Showcase Savory Award-winner wasn’t the subtle genius that hybridized the deep, complex flavors of duck confit with the richness of dark chocolate and the bright notes of citrus. Rather, it was an impulse universally recognizable to just about anyone who has…

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international victory!

Turks and Caicos Men’s Rugby Team made history on April 30th, dominating Curacao 41-10 en route to the nation’s first-ever win in an officially sanctioned international match. The game was played on neutral ground at Olimpico Stadium in the Dominican Republic. It featured big plays from some of TCI’s top young prospects, including Grand Turk’s…

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