David Parsons and current members of his renowned Parsons Dance Company take posing for photos to a new level in
front of Stargazer Villa. The dancers rehearsed for their island performances in the villa’s studio on International Drive.

david parsons: leaps and bounds

In “Caught,” David Parsons’ most famous recent work of choreography, dancers captured in strobe light fly above a darkened stage, each leap frozen at its perfect apex and expression. “Caught” is dance distilled to a new essence: Achingly beautiful, yes, but also profoundly isolated. So one of the many happy surprises from the David Parsons…

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Intersections: domino creative blends in the office with out on vacation

in the office, out on vacation

While the islands remain the ideal spot for unplugging, more TCI homeown­ers are choosing to incorporate office spaces into their island homes. “More and more the line between work time and personal time is blurred, so there’s a trend with our clients to include office spaces in what historically would have been considered strictly vacation…

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Zest's new summer menu

hot new summer menu at zest

Gansevoort Turks + Caicos gave Stelle,  its fine-dining restaurant, a well-received winter upgrade. Afterward, Exec. Chef Joel Vallar’s attention turned to the restaurant’s casual beachfront sister, Zest, and it looks like Provo’s in for a tasty summer. Zest originally carved out its mark as a chic outdoor gathering spot, famed by guests and locals alike…

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Marini, wife Carol, son Georges and daughter Julianna, had ‘an unbelievable blast’ in Turks and Caicos in March.

gilles marini: family time

elaxing family vacation or elaborate lifestyle photo shoot? When the absurdly attractive family in question is led by ridiculously good looking actor Gilles Marini, the results can be hard to distinguish. He’s probably best known for his breakout 2008 turn as “the naked guy” in the Sex and the City movie. Devotees of the franchise…

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David Bowen is the Grace Bay Resorts: Director of
Wellness, Culture & Entertainment.

david bowen: keeper of the flame

In the presentations native Islander David Bowen gives visitors about the culture and history of the Turks and Caicos, more than words spin the tales. Conch shells, pearlescent and bright, sing out long-distance messages from the past. Fibers and grains evoke the fading eras of cotton and salt. He moves as he speaks, too, summoning…

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Local artist Mike DeCamp

mike deCamp: oceanic artist

Mike DeCamp belongs to the ocean. Mention the sea to him and his eyes will instinctively brighten, flashing as blue as the cerulean waters off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida, where he was born. As the grandson of the famed artist and doll maker Norma DeCamp, a predetermined pathway into a career in art…

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Photographer Renau Destine

renau destine: photographer

There’s a reason people tell talented photographers that they’ve got “an eye.” The art of capturing extraordinary im­ages through the vessel of a camera requires more than just pointing and clicking. Instead, it takes the gift of seeing beyond the prisms of normality.  The process of photography for 26-year-old Renau Destine is like alchemy, taking…

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chef erik gremmer: the doctrine of better

In the 45 years since Alice Waters planted French provincial sensibilities in North­ern California soil and launched the North American culinary revolution, appreciation for quality ingredients and insightful sim­plicity has become a global standard for elite cuisine. But while the doctrine of simplicity is an article of received faith for many, Erik Grem­mer, 42, came…

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