For just a split second, the rhythmic sound of bells and rapid shuffling of varnished plastic fade. The air thick with anticipation, as the first bone falls upon the green felt. Enthusiastic onlookers draw in a quiet breath as their bodies lean in slightly awaiting the second to finish a final bounce. The silence is broken as the crowd erupts in cheers upon hearing the stickman call out “seven!” on the come-out roll.

The beach is undoubtedly the main attraction for tourists visiting the islands. Yet, once the sun goes down, there is a different kind of heat that allures and excites.

After dark, the Casablanca Casino is where much of the action happens on Providenciales.

Since it opened its doors eight years ago, it has been consistently drawing crowds with its casually elegant and welcoming atmosphere. Every evening, knowledgeable players mix with newcomers trying their hand for the first time at table favorites such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat or Craps.

Earlier this season, managers and staff honored the eight-year jubilee with a party to mark the occasion.

Animated greeters dressed in velvet suits and glittering gold chains welcomed guests to the anniversary celebration, complete with music, cake and carnival dancers.

Yet, as regular visitors would attest, this wasn’t incredibly unusual for the casino, where you will find a party ambiance every night. From vivid decorations to amusing costumes, the staff embraces the fresh and festive monthly motifs to ensure returning guests find something new each visit.

The lively atmosphere effortlessly combines the usual casino sounds of simultaneously ringing bells from a multitude of slot machines, with the cheerful, yet skilled and professional approach of staff to all that pass through the doors expecting an evening of fun and excitement. With table limits ranging from low to high, and newcomers offered helpful instruction from friendly staff, everyone feels like a VIP.

Birthdays are important at Casablanca. For those that decide to celebrate their own birthday here, the casino doubles the buy in the amount of their age.

As the casino moves into its ninth year, it continues to be the place where everyone looking to enjoy a fun night, even if you prefer to simply watch other players, has a chance to walk away a winner.