While the islands remain the ideal spot for unplugging, more TCI homeown­ers are choosing to incorporate office spaces into their island homes. “More and more the line between work time and personal time is blurred, so there’s a trend with our clients to include office spaces in what historically would have been considered strictly vacation homes,” says Domino Creative principal Taylor Drotman. “And for island residents, we find a lot of them moved here for a better quality of life, so having the flexibility to work from home is essential.”

invigorating outlook
Rule No. 1 of island design: Don’t block the view. The rule applies equally to sprawling ocean seascapes and pristine architectural gems. Island life offers otherwise busy people a chance to bring some balance into their lives, so workspaces should pro­vide a place to be productive with­out feeling isolated from the beauty around them. That way, taking time to appreciate the finer things doesn’t require taking time off.

artfully decorated
Adding personal details gives warmth and texture to any office. It could be an original painting or family photograph. Maybe a ceramic, a sculpture, a treasured memento, or even a vintage poster that reflects the owner’s personality. The key is to keep the look constructed, not clut­tered. A professional in search of clar­ity needs a workspace that inspires it.


his + her
How do you make a shared space productive? Here, Domino Cre­ative designed a custom-made desk including drawers on each side. The approach offers a personalized, his-and-hers solution to adding workspace to the bedroom. Design tip: Use a rug to help define the work space and lib­erally interpret the idea of desk chair.

getting busy in the bedroom
the bedroom/office combo is a fairly recent trend in home design. “Historically, offices were incorporated into the den or family room, but with home computing evolving into handheld devices, the desk has moved into the bedroom,” explains Drotman. “Replicating the hotel trend has also fueled this shift.” Design Tip: Separate work space from sleeping space with furniture that defines each activity.

eliminating cable soup
heavy, bulky, tethered technology used to drive the design of offices and workspaces, dictating everything from furniture to placement. But as bulky desktops give way to elegant laptops, so are ballast-heavy desks sinking into the past. With Cloud stor­age for files and thin, portable devices now the rule, the new trend in office design is toward clean, simple, elegant lines. And going wireless is now for more than just your laptop, iPad and smartphone. Wireless lamps remove unnecessary clutter, keeping your workspace pristine.

Domino Creative was launched in 2007 by Taylor Drotman as a boutique interior design firm specializing in high-end residen­tial properties. The firm currently maintains offices in New York City and the Turks & Caicos Islands. domino-creative.com

(Photo Credits: From Top Francis Dzikowski, Steve Passmore/Provo Pictures, Bartek Sherman and bottom two photos by Steve Passmore/Provo Pictures )