sometime last August whilst yachting off the coast of Italy, Beyonce sparked a global sensation with a single Instagram post.  No, it wasn’t her bikini bod that seemingly broke the internet – okay, maybe that helped, but the real frenzy centered around the metallic jewellery inspired motifs adorning her sun kissed skin – flash tattoos!

Fast forward a year later and the innovative, instant-stick gold and silver tattoos are a bona fide global sensation worn by fashionistas from Katy Perry to Ruthie Davis. With Turks and Caicos boasting some of the best summer beaches around, Enchantment TCI, a local company owned by Grand Turk native Codee Coalbrooke, pairs local designs with the global trend.  Whether dressing them up or down, you can find your Turks and Caicos flash tattoos in select shops and resort boutiques in Grace Bay or @EnchantmentTCI on Instagram.

(Photo Credit: Dominique Rolle/Caya Hico Media )